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Corporate Compliance Guideline for CURRENTA and its subsidiaries Tectrion GmbH and Chemion Logistik GmbH

Our aim is to generate high value added in the interests of our shareholders, employees and society as a whole. Only if this is done in compliance with the legal and ethical framework will we succeed in sustainably increasing the value of the company.

Our principles

  1. Fairness in competition
    CURRENTA is fully committed to competition by fair means and in particular to strict compliance with antitrust law
  2. Integrity in business transactions
    Corruption is not tolerated
  3. Principle of sustainability
    CURRENTA is aware of its responsibility to protect the environment and the health and safety of people.
  4. Compliance with foreign trade law
    All national and international foreign trade regulations must be complied with.
  5. Ensuring equal opportunities in securities trading
    Every CURRENTA employee is obliged to keep internal, non-public information confidential.
  6. Proper record keeping and financial reporting
    Within the framework of an internal control system, business processes shall be adequately documented. Controls must ensure the complete and correct recording of information relevant to accounting.
  7. Fair and respectful working conditions
    Every employee is expected to deal with colleagues and third parties in a friendly, relevant, fair and respectful manner. Discrimination and harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
  8. Protecting our knowledge advantage and respecting the property rights of third parties
    Company secrets may not be passed on to third parties or even made public. Likewise, the property rights of third parties must be respected.
  9. Separation of corporate and private interests
    All employees must always keep their private interests and those of CURRENTA separate. Even in personnel decisions or business relationships with third parties, only objective criteria count.
  10. Cooperative dealings with authorities
    CURRENTA endeavours to maintain a cooperative relationship with all competent authorities. Information should be provided in a complete, open, accurate, timely and understandable manner.

CURRENTA also undertakes to observe human rights and environmental due diligence obligations in an appropriate manner in its supply chains and in its own business operations with the aim of preventing or minimizing corresponding risks or ending the violation of these obligations.


  • CURRENTA appoints a Compliance Officer. The same applies to the compliance officers of the subsidiaries.

  • CURRENTA ensures the functionality of this Corporate Compliance Guideline by implementing the necessary framework conditions and providing the required resources.

  • Functionality and effectiveness are reviewed on a regular basis. Permanent monitoring with ongoing evaluation and reporting is intended to ensure the ongoing improvement of this Corporate Compliance Guideline. In addition, the Audit Department may review the effectiveness of this Corporate Compliance Guideline at regular intervals on behalf of the Executive Board.

Report violations

If violations of these principles, in particular human rights and environmental due diligence, are observed, they must be reported immediately either to the supervisor, alternatively to the responsible Compliance Officer or to the management of CURRENTA’s Human Resources Department. The report can be made anonymously.

CURRENTA has also set up a hotline to Ethicspoint, a fully independent organization based in the UK. This is staffed around the clock and can be reached at 0800-1800042 (NOTE: For calls from the CHEMPARK, dial the additional 0 for the outside line). Ethicspoint operators answer the calls and greet the caller in English. The caller is asked to stay on the line until the interpreter has joined the conversation. It is possible to report problems in Ethicspoint’s online reporting system, at the following web address: EthicsPoint – Currenta GmbH & Co. OHG.

You can find the data protection declaration for the whistleblower system here. Any employee who contacts the hotline or a contact person directly for the purpose of reviewing an issue is assured that he or she will not be harmed or disadvantaged as a result.

The rules of procedure for dealing with complaints and suspected compliance cases can be found here.

In addition, we refer to the possibility of reporting to the external federal reporting office at the Federal Office of Justice.