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Information for suppliers

Here you will find all important information such as purchasing conditions, information on the ordering and invoicing process, delivery information as well as a download and link area.

Conditions of Purchase of Currenta GmbH & Co. OHG

Our terms and conditions of purchase are available for download here.

Important information for the use of subcontractors (obligation to register)

Currenta GmbH & Co. OHG wants to ensure that only contractors who share our understanding of transparency and compliance and meet our requirements regarding fair working conditions, occupational safety, sustainability and environmental protection are used. Furthermore, Currenta requires that its contractors are commissioned and deployed properly and in compliance with the law. This requirement extends not only to Currenta contractors but also to third parties used by the contractor to perform services for Currenta (subcontractors). The use of such third parties is subject to notification and requires the prior express consent of Currenta. As part of subcontractor management, we therefore qualify and evaluate not only all contractors who apply for contracts, but also their subcontractors used to provide services for Currenta, monitor compliance with legal, collective bargaining and internal regulations in our collaboration with them, and take decisive action against undeclared work and illegal employment.

Additional instructions for construction work as well as services performed on Currenta sites on site (or in the Chempark) (e.g. assembly services, cleaning, maintenance work):

Please note that any use of a subcontractor must be registered in good time via your contacts at Currenta or via Currenta Purchasing using the following form:

1) For construction work, please use this form to register a subcontractor: Registration form for the use of subcontractors for construction work (381.4 KiB)

2) for all services (other than construction services) provided on Currenta sites on site (or in the Chempark) (e.g. assembly services, cleaning, maintenance work, on Currenta sites on site (or in the Chempark) (e.g. assembly services, cleaning, maintenance work: Registration form for subcontractor deployment at Currenta sites / or at CHEMPAR (378.3 KiB)

If you have any queries, please contact the responsible purchaser or your contact person in the specialist departments.

The ordering and invoicing process

It is of great importance to us to make the order and invoice processes as smooth as possible. In this context, we would like to inform you about upcoming systemic changes in the ordering and invoicing process for the CURRENTA Group – CURRENTA, Tectrion, Chemion and NETCUR – which we will implement in the course of separating the IT systems of the CURRENTA Group from the Bayer Group. From 10 October 2020, the following solutions will be available for the ordering and invoicing process:


CURRENTA feels obliged to pay its suppliers for goods and services on time.

The following describes the basic information and relevant requirements on the part of the Currenta Group that are necessary to ensure a successful payment process.

Billing options:

Currenta accepts digital invoices (PDF Invoicing via Basware) and paper-based invoices sent to the correct address. The timely payment of invoices, depends on the correct preparation of the invoices, as well as the date of receipt of the invoices.

In accordance with these Currenta Group invoicing instructions, please ensure that the invoices comply with our regulations.

1. PDF invoicing via the technical solution of our partner Basware*.

The Currenta Group attaches importance to the further digitalisation and automation of its processes.

Therefore, we ask you not to send us the invoices by conventional mail, but as PDF files. To make this possible, you need to register your company in the Basware portal. If you choose this way for invoicing, you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Immediate receipt of invoice including confirmation of receipt for the invoicing party
  • No delay in payment due to the postal route
  • Printing and shipping costs are eliminated
  • Free use of the Basware portal
  • Conservation of the environment and resources

Registering on the Basware portal is very easy and only takes a few minutes. After registration, you can send the invoices to the Currenta Group via an outgoing invoice email address with a PDF as an attachment.

Registration involves the following 4 steps:

  • Select the Link
  • Create an account
  • Activate your account by entering company information, contact details and your outgoing email address
  • After registration in the Basware portal, you will receive an invoice receipt email address to which you can send your invoices to the Currenta companies from 07 October 2020 onwards. Ideally, you should have them sent as structured PDF files directly from your ERP system to the email address then specified.

The instructions contain detailed instructions for registering to send PDF invoices to the CURRENTA GROUP. (Version DE; Version EN)

The video explains the Basware Registration process for suppliers in English.

In addition, in exceptional cases you can send the invoices to the Currenta Group via the following invoice receipt email address with a PDF as an attachment:

2. paper-based invoices

If it is not possible to issue the invoice electronically, you may send the invoices in paper form. In the table below you will find the valid billing addresses.

Company Billing address
Currenta GmbH & Co. OHG
[UST-ID: DE813443002]
Currenta GmbH & Co. OHG
PO Box 4710
12678 Berlin, Germany
Tectrion GmbH
[UST-ID: DE256782709]
Tectrion GmbH
PO Box 4712
12678 Berlin, Germany
Chemion Logistik GmbH
[UST-ID: DE813217146]
Chemion Logistik GmbH
PO Box 4711
12678 Berlin, Germany
Netcur GmbH
[UST-ID: DE815783819]
Netcur GmbH
PO Box 4713
12678 Berlin, Germany

Only if you send the invoice to this address can we guarantee that the invoice will be processed and paid in a timely manner. Incorrectly addressed invoices will not be processed.

Invoice dispatch

In general, invoices have to comply with all legal requirements.

In order to avoid late payment, it is also important that invoices contain the following mandatory information and that this information matches the information on the associated order:

  1. Addressed to the relevant Currenta company: please ensure correct company name and complete address here. The valid billing addresses of the Currenta companies can be found in the table above
  2. Full name and address of the supplier
  3. The word “invoice” (or in the case of credit notes, the word “credit note”)
  4. Invoice number and date
  5. Invoice value with currency
  6. Description of the goods and services supplied
  7. Currenta order number and order item
  8. Name and contact details of the contact person at Currenta
  9. That unique reference number or information provided by the Currenta contact (if relevant).
  10. Highlighting of down payments and/or final invoices; these shall contain a reference to payments already made.

The invoice should distinguish between net values for goods and services, the VAT rate and amount, and the total/gross value of the invoice.

All invoices that do not meet the requirements described above will be returned to the supplier for reissue. This leads to delays in the payment of bills.

Flawless invoicing for punctual payment

To ensure timely and error-free processing and payment of invoices, all suppliers are required to implement the following aspects:

  1. Please settle only one order per invoice
  2. The invoice should again correspond to the order structure. If the order is divided into different items, the invoice should also be divided into the corresponding items in the same way.
  3. Unit price, unit of measure and currency must match the details of the order
  4. The corresponding order item is to be referenced to each invoice item
  5. The payment term of the invoice must correspond to the payment term of the order
  6. The naming of waybill or delivery note numbers helps to improve processes
  7. Clear indication of the valid bank details on the invoice

Any lack of information or deviation from the aspects described above may result in longer processing times and, accordingly, delayed payment.

Payment deadline
Payment deadlines are negotiated individually in advance with all suppliers. Currenta shall pay its invoices in accordance with the negotiated payment terms that are part of the orders placed by Currenta. If an order shows a deviation from the negotiated payment term, the known Currenta contact persons are available for clarification.

Further information
As of October 10, 2020, Riverty Financial Services will take over the activities in the invoice processing process for the Currenta Group.

For questions regarding your invoices or the registration process in the Basware portal, you can reach Riverty at:

Telephone number and email address for suppliers

+49 7221 92351617
Monday to Friday 08:00-12:00 and 13:00-16:00

[email protected]

*The Basware Network is an open B2B transaction platform that has connected millions of businesses worldwide for over a decade. Basware is the market leader in the fast-growing market for networked purchase-to-pay (P2P) and e-invoicing solutions. Automated real-time solutions with innovative financing services for cash flow and working capital management set Basware apart, positioning it as the largest business commerce network in the world. Basware’s business is based on the automation of procurement and accounts receivable processes within and between companies.

For more information on registration and user manuals, please see here.

Today you receive our orders either via Ariba network, Elemica, email, fax or paper. It is of great importance to us in the future to make the processing of these order transactions as simple, smooth and automated as possible in order to minimise the effort on your and our side.

From 10 October 2020, the following options will be available for the ordering process:

  • Email with PDF
  • SAP Ariba Network

As we are moving out of the Bayer AG system landscape, we will send you all orders by email after go-live, unless you have already been able to connect to the new Currenta SAP Ariba network ID.

CURRENTA plans to further expand the exchange of orders via the SAP Ariba network after go-live. If you are interested in automating the document flow, please let us know. We will contact you with additional information at a later date after go-live.

Complaints procedure

If you have a cause for complaint in relation to our purchasing procedures, a complaint can be made to the fully independent body EthicsPoint.Here you can file a complaint online.

Contact and directions


Currenta GmbH & Co. OHG
CHEMPARK Leverkusen
Building C 105
51368 Leverkusen

All information on how to get to the CHEMPARK sites can be found here:




Plant ID card

If you are to provide services at one of the CHEMPARK sites, you will need an appropriate site pass. All information on this is compiled here.

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