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Offer for pupils


Makers wanted
Shape our path to becoming a sustainable chemical park operator

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What our employees say

I am very fascinated by CHEMPARK and its history. It is very exciting for me to be able to accompany and shape the future transformation of this place. Through the broad spectrum of our business, I always see further potential for me to learn and develop personally. I have a lot of fun moving between different subject areas with a wide variety of colleagues.

Xiaoyu Zhu Consultant BU Circularity

I like working at CURRENTA because, for me, the company combines tradition and a willingness to change. I am happy to see that diverse people are coming together in the company and more and more diversity initiatives are being launched. After all, we are all a bit diverse. CURRENTA also supports my personal development and life planning.

Marten Kämpchen Assistance Analytics

I like working at CURRENTA because everyone contributes their personal strengths to the challenges the company faces. I am given a lot of creative freedom in my tasks and my personal development is supported.

Pascal Peiser PLT Project Manager

The working student position in the field of regulated grids fits in perfectly with my studies in renewable energies. Here I have the opportunity to experience the theory I have learned directly in practice and to actively contribute. By working with experienced colleagues and participating in projects, I gain valuable insights into the energy sector of the chemical industry and can also develop my personal skills.

Andi Shyti Working student regulated networks

I like the diversity of my job: it's not just an office job, you often get out into the facilities, are directly involved in what's happening and plan the projects and measures in the office, which you then realise and support on site. I also appreciate our high safety culture. Every process and every job is systematically linked to high safety standards prescribed by CURRENTA at CHEMPARK.

Claudia Walta Operating Engineer Pipeline Network Operation

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Who we are


CURRENTA manages and operates one of the largest chemical sites in Europe – CHEMPARK with its sites in Leverkusen, Dormagen and Krefeld-Uerdingen. As a modern service company, we put our customers first – by creating best conditions for their research and production facilities. Our range of services includes e.g. on-site material and energy supply, a wide variety of analytical services, environmental issues management, infrastructure services and reliable safety concepts. Everything our customers need.

This extraordinary diversity of areas and tasks is what makes CURRENTA special – and particularly interesting as an employer.

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CURRENTA welcomes everyone

We welcome applications from all people regardless of ethnic, social, national origin, gender, age, physical characteristics or limitations, ancestry, religion, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other extraneous criterion under applicable law. We are committed to the principle of treating all candidates fairly and excluding discrimination.

Diversity at CURRENTA

#PurpleLightUp in the CURRENTA Group

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What we offer

Optimal conditions. Shared success.

CURRENTA employees not only receive competitive compensation based on the requirements of the job and the individual’s commitment, but also numerous additional benefits and a company pension plan. And that is also part of it: Good ideas and suggestions for improvement are rewarded.

  • Sickness and accident allowance
  • After 6 weeks of continued pay, you will receive a gross allowance for up to 18 months equal to the difference between the gross amount of the sick pay and the previous net pay
  • Accident insurance against occupational and non-occupational accidents worldwide
  • Car leasing for professional and private use
  • Flexible working time/part-time models and home office
  • Above-tariff variable remuneration components that depend on both economic success and individual performance
  • Support for childcare, e.g. counseling services, placement of childminders and occupancy rights
  • Fee subsidy for childcare (KITA age) and vacation care
  • Support for nursing cases in the family
  • Company restaurants
  • Advice on social issues and health management
  • Annual benefit ("Christmas bonus") amounting to 100% of a collectively agreed monthly salary
  • 1.200 € vacation allowance
  • 6 weeks vacation
  • Sick pay subsidy

Your progress is our progress

We offer a comprehensive training programme for the professional development of all employees. In addition to seminars, workshops and events for specialists and managers, employees from production, research and technology can also gain extra-occupational qualifications and, for example, become a master craftsman or technician. In addition, we offer seminars developed for CURRENTA, e.g., on leadership and personal responsibility or business management training for engineers/scientists.

Individual programs

Whether it is professional know-how, social and leadership skills or personal coaching: in regular staff meetings you will receive feedback and offers that will bring you to a new level of knowledge.

One-day training - deepening and expanding operationally necessary know-how

How do I work with a new software, which new guidelines and laws are relevant, how does the new system work? Our lecturers ensure that you are always up to date.

In-service training with recognised IHK qualification

Our offer for all those who are aiming for a higher professional qualification, for example as a master craftsman or technician.

Time for further education

We support staff members who complete a further training course with a qualifying degree in their free time at their own expense.

We continue to develop the company. And you.

Employees should be optimally qualified for their current tasks – but also prepared for future requirements and developments. CURRENTA’s HR development supports both managers and employees at every level.

Personnel development at CURRENTA is multifaceted

Our employees would like to gain further qualifications and meet the higher demands of the job market. They want to "move up", take on more demanding tasks and gain "professional quality of life", to name just a few examples.

Everyone has responsibility for personnel development

Recognizing and promoting the abilities and strengths of employees is clearly one of the management tasks; but each individual is also responsible for himself and his personal development. In short, human resources development is everyone's business. The wide range of support and assistance offered to all CURRENTA employees ranges - depending on the task - from training programs to an extension of the job description, job rotation or project tasks to 360° feedback, individual coaching and mentoring. The willingness to engage in dialogue and the exchange of ideas are also part of one's own development. The central element is the annual performance review. Its main purpose is to exchange views in an open and trusting conversation on topics of cooperation that go beyond the pure work process. First and foremost, professional development opportunities are to be discussed and concrete measures agreed upon.

Our management philosophy

The success of our company is based on the motivation, creativity and strong commitment of our employees. This requires a management culture that creates a working environment that supports and continuously develops precisely these three factors. In extensive workshops, we listened to the voices from all areas of the CURRENTA Group to gain a precise understanding of their leadership requirements. On this basis, we developed our leadership model by and for the CURRENTA Group with the important goal of supporting cooperation between managers and employees in a pragmatic and forward-looking way.


I take responsibility and lead in a results-orientated way.

I take responsibility for my decisions and those of my team.

I ensure that decisions are made promptly and that information is transparent.

I help to the extent that is individually desired in order to achieve the jointly agreed work result.

I pay attention to realistic and concrete goals for a healthy workload for the employees entrusted to me and for myself.

I act as a role model.


I listen and am available.

I plan 1:1 meetings with my employees and find out about the status of their work.

In these meetings, I focus entirely on my employees and avoid distractions.

I am available to my employees in a timely manner for questions, concerns and support needs.

I actively listen and try to understand my employees.

I scrutinise my attitude or decision and discuss it with my employees.


I trust you and your work.

I recognise the skills and abilities of my employees and trust them to find solutions.

I put myself in front of my employees and create a positive error culture.

I make my employees’ successes visible.

I promote the independence of my employees by handing over responsibility in a structured manner.

I avoid micromanagement.


I communicate at eye level.

I take my employees seriously and try to understand their point of view.

I communicate honestly and openly.

I behave in an appreciative and respectful manner, regardless of function or role.

I also take opposing points of view into account and try to include them in my decision-making.

I explain my attitudes and decisions to target groups.


I will give you feedback and ask for your feedback.

I create a space that enables open and honest feedback for my employees.

I actively and regularly ask for feedback on my work and my leadership.

I make sure that my feedback is appreciative, timely and based on specific examples.

I make time for feedback and see it as an opportunity to develop myself and my team.

I ensure that feedback is accepted in my team.


I develop you and create added value in the company.

I recognise the potential of my employees and promote it – also across departments.

I actively plan my employees’ qualifications with a view to current and future needs.

I understand the skills of my employees as the core of generating added value.

I combine the promotion of and demands on my employees in a balanced way.

I create a balance between the development goals of my employees and the company.

Insights into everyday working life:

We are committed.
On the job and off the job.

Billion € annual sales
Goal: Sustainability
Status: 31/12/2023

Our goal

The sustainable Chempark

We want to secure the chemical site with future technologies. Actively shape change – and become a sustainable chemical park operator. With hydrogen, renewable energies, heat pumps – and many other innovations. We rely on the expertise and commitment of our employees to help shape the CHEMPARK of the future and drive forward change. In a sustainable way. For a new chemistry.

FAQ | Questions and answers

Do you have questions? We have the answers! Read our answers to the most frequently asked questions from applicants here.

We would be pleased if you also find interesting jobs at our subsidiaries.