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General FAQs


General FAQs

Questions & Answers

As manager and operator of CHEMPARK with its sites in Leverkusen, Dormagen and Krefeld-Uerdingen, CURRENTA maintains one of Germany’s largest chemical parks at one of the largest industrial sites in Europe.

At CURRENTA, there are many exciting tasks for a wide range of professional groups:

Firefighters, company doctors, trainers, technicians, chemists, engineers, power plant operators, chemical laboratory assistants, chemical technicians, controllers, buyers, driving service providers, electronics engineers, fire inspectors, IT specialists, industrial engineers, crisis managers, customer consultants, medical assistants, occupational safety specialists, emergency paramedics, security experts, surveying technicians and many more.

We only accept online applications via our JobShop. So können wir Ihre Bewerbung viel schneller bearbeiten als auf dem herkömmlichen Postweg.

As long as a position is posted online with us, we are still looking for suitable candidates. So it’s worth applying!

You are welcome to set up a job subscription here . As soon as we advertise a position whose criteria match your wishes and interests, you will be informed by e-mail. This way you will never miss a job advertisement.

Job advertisements for the field of fire protection e.g. firefighters or fire inspectors (m/f/d) can be found permanently in our JobShop .

You can try the following first yourself:

  • Use another browser – we recommend Mozilla Firefox or Google ChromeUse another browser – we recommend Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome
  • Upload only documents that are no larger than 50 MB and ideally saved in PDF format
  • Do not use ZIP files. Since you cannot upload more than 7 documents, we recommend, for example, to combine several certificates into one document.
  • Have you applied for a job with us recently? Then log in with your email address and password.Then log in with your email address and password. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here .

If you continue to have technical problems, please send an email with the error message to [email protected].

We encourage you to apply for published positions as early as possible. The entire application process from the time we receive an application to the time we make a final decision can take some time.

You have the option to apply for multiple positions. Once you have submitted your applicant profile, you can log into the application form above and submit another application. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here .

es, you can make subsequent changes to applications that have already been submitted in your Applicant Cockpit . This will update your current application. Our recruiting team will be notified via system email if you choose so.

Open „My Profile“. In the section “My current applications”, you can add to or exchange your documents.

Yes. A maximum of 7 files of 50 MB each can be uploaded, ideally in PDF format. Please do not use zip files and combine multiple files into one document.

You no longer need to submit a cover letter to apply. If you still want to add a cover letter to your application, please formulate the salutation in general terms. Our experienced recruiters review your documents and forward them to the appropriate division if they are a good fit. A personalized address is therefore not necessary.

You can include the following address in the letterhead:
51368 Leverkusen

CURRENTA is a regional company. We therefore communicate almost exclusively in German. Therefore, unless otherwise stated in the job, we welcome applications in German.

You will receive a confirmation of receipt immediately after sending your application. Please check your SPAM folder if necessary. We review your documents and coordinate with the contact persons in the responsible divisions. Once we have made our decision, we will contact you by phone or email.

Yes. At a later date, you may well be the perfect candidate for us.

Your application will be deleted 6 months after rejection. However, you can withdraw your application at any time or order its deletion here .

The issue of data protection is a key concern for CURRENTA. Therefore, it is important that you know how we handle your data.

If you have specific questions, you can call if they are critical to your application. All other questions will be clarified in detail during an interview. A phone call has no influence on the decision. Please understand that you may not always be able to reach the recruiter responsible for the position immediately – he/she usually conducts interviews. You will find the telephone numbers of our recruiters at the job posting.


Questions & Answers

Have you seen something that interests you? Then apply. Now. It’s really easy and only takes 2 minutes!

If you don’t yet know exactly which profession you would like to learn with us, you should first do our interest check . Once you’ve found something suitable, you can apply online! You can find all current apprenticeships with their respective locations in theapprenticeship marketplace.

Please note that applications will only be accepted for one training and one location . If you are interested in a second apprenticeship, feel free to mention this in your cover letter.

  • A curriculum vitae as complete as possible
  • A copy of each of the last two school reports

When applying online, please make sure you provide a valid email address and check your inbox (and also your SPAM folder) regularly. The majority of communication is via e-mail.

It is best to send us your application for a training position one year in advance. Since the training year starts after the summer vacations, August/September of the previous year is the optimal time.

Please apply online. If you need help, please contact Marc-André Herrmann, phone 0214 2605 71540.

We are looking forward to your application!


In the online test from home, but also in the apprenticeship-specific test in the company, the aim is to record your analytical skills. In the on-site apprenticeship-specific test, mainly job-relevant skills and, on a smaller scale, necessary specialist knowledge are also tested. The tasks are designed to be particularly relevant to the subject and thus have a high degree of professional relevance.

This is what you should pay attention to

Create a quiet environment
Make sure you are not disturbed and ideally turn off your mobile phone. This is important for concentration.

Work quickly but carefully
Before each group of tasks, you will receive instructions and sometimes sample tasks. It’s important that you read everything carefully. If you read quickly and inaccurately, you can miss important information.

While working follow the order
The first tasks in a task group are usually easier than the tasks that come later. We therefore recommend that you work through the tasks in the specified order.

If a task is too difficult for you, work on it later
Rather use this time to solve other tasks that you find easier. On average, participants solve about half of the tasks correctly. No points will be deducted for incorrect answers.


In order to prepare yourself for the tests in the best possible way, you can take a look at sample tasks from the service provider who conducts the tests for us. To do so, select the item “To the ITB Assessment Modules” on this page . There you will find the following excercises:

  • The demo test ITB-ICOS Intellectual Competence Screening prepares you for the general online test
  • The demo test ITB-CHART Analyze economic charts includes exercises for merchants and IT specialists
  • Der Demotest ITB-START Wortbedeutungen erfassen beinhaltet Testaufgaben für Kaufleute
  • The demo test ITB-START Analyzing Processes includes exercises forIT specialists
  • The demo test ITB-START Analyzing Technical Interrelationships includes exercises for technical and scientific professions

Application stages

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